Child Safeguarding Statement

Parentline is a helpline for parents. We offer support, information and guidance on all aspects of parenting in confidence and without judgement. Almost all of Parentline’s work is conducted over the phone.  Less than 1% of contact is face to face.  We deal with parents only and not with children.

Risk Assessment

Parentline do not deal with children so the level of risk is very low.

Risk identified Procedure in place to manage identified risk
1 Parentline do not deal with children Not relevant
2 We do not allow parents take children with them when they meet us. Not relevant
3 A caller reports risk or harm to a facilitator on the helpline Parentline is a confidential helpline we do not have the caller details (name, address, phone numbers) so no risk
4 A caller reports risk or harm to a facilitator on the helpline and gives identifying information The Relevant Person and Board of Directors are informed and a report is made to Prevention Partnership & Family Support Manager in Tusla
  1. Procedures

Our Child Safeguarding Statement has been developed in line with requirements under the Children First Act 2015, Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (2017), and Tusla’s Child Safeguarding: A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice. In addition to the procedures listed in our risk assessment, the following procedures support our intention to safeguard children while they are availing of our service:

It should be noted that Parentline does not deal with children as part of our service delivery.  We deal directly with parents only and ask parents not to bring children to our premises.

However, in case there is a breach of this rule the following applies:

All allegations of abuse or misconduct against workers/volunteers must be reported to the CEO (Relevant Person under the Children First Act 2015). This will, in turn, be reported to the Board of Directors of Parentline.

Parentline does not work with children.  All volunteers and staff are trained and made aware of our policies as part of their induction process. References are always checked.

Parentline does not work with children so it is felt that child safeguarding training is not appropriate for everyone. However, the CEO (Relevant Person under the Children First Act 2015) attends appropriate training to keep up to date with current procedures and legislation. This training is typically delivered by Tusla and The Carmichael Centre.

If Parentline becomes aware of a child protection or welfare concern and has identifying information they report it initially to the CEO (Relevant Person) who will then report it to Prevention Partnership & Family Support Manager, Tusla.

As part of the policy, the Relevant Person and Deputy are listed in The Helpline Room, to which all staff and volunteers have access.  Incoming staff or volunteers are informed as part of induction.

The Relevant Person and Deputy Relevant Person are appointed by The Board of Directors. Details will be held as part of minutes and reported in the Annual Report.

All procedures listed are available upon request.

  1. Implementation

We recognise that implementation is an on-going process. Our service is committed to the implementation of this Child Safeguarding Statement and the procedures that support our intention to keep children safe from harm while availing of our service.

This Child Safeguarding Statement will be reviewed in March 2021 or as soon as practicable after there has been a material change in any matter to which the statement refers.

Signed: Aileen Hickie
Relevant Person: Aileen Hickie
Deputy Relevant Person: Michele Ridgway

April 2020