What does Parentline do?

What does Parentline do?

For over twenty years, Parentline has provided a completely confidential helpline for parents and guardians.

Parents phone Parentline with all sorts of problems. There is no typical call. Calls come from parents of new born babies, toddlers, pre-teens and teenagers – children of all ages. All ages offer different challenges.

We offer support, guidance and information on all aspects of being a parent and the reassurance that, whatever the problem, you’re not the first parent to face it. Sometimes, all you could need is a listening ear.

Parentline and Dyspraxia Association of Ireland

Working together to support parents and families!

Parents, do you need support to help you deal with your child with Dyspraxia? Often parents focus on their children and forget about their own health and wellbeing. Dyspraxia Association of Ireland is there to give you information and to support children with Dyspraxia. Parentline is there to support you – as a parent or carer.

If you need information about Dyspraxia call the Dyspraxia Association of Ireland at 01 8747085 or see www.dyspraxia.ie If you need support for yourself or if you need to offload stress please call Parentline at 01 8733500, 1890 927277