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Adults can make a big difference in protecting children and giving them a healthy attitude to alcohol. Get information and tips to help your child stay safe and be smart about drinking.
The arrival of a new baby is a very exciting time for a family – but having one or more babies born prematurely can be quite demanding and stressful. It is our hope that this Premature Baby website will help you to understand your baby’s progress and give you the confidence to ask the questions you need, to find out how to care for your premature baby. We also hope that it will help you to look after your baby at home, and direct you where to turn for help, if necessary.
“Being a parent can bring you to the heights of joy and the depths of despair – all within the space of a few minutes ! accompanies you on this exciting journey.”
“It’s always nice to have new people join in. This is a “safe place” to laugh, cry, rant & rave, (nicely, of course), brag, ask opinions and advise, and of course share strength and hope with each other.” “(Single Parents On Line)”

The Crisis Pregnancy Agency has produced a number of resources to assist parents to provide relationship and sex education to their children.